Numerology is as old as Astrology & Palmistry!

February 11, 2011


Numerology is as old as Astrology & Palmistry. And many people attribute equally as powerful in divining your future and destiny.

Numerology is as old as Astrology & Palmistry but largely overlooked and forgotten in comparison to its divinatory companion. Numbers are, in the minds of most people, boring and mundane in comparison to the stars that light up the night sky. It’s easy to believe in the mysticism of the night sky influencing our life and destiny and to think of numbers as nothing other than a branch of science that has no spiritual or hidden meaning. Yet a numerology calculation is simple and quick to perform compared to plotting an astrological chart as is deciphering the meaning of a numerology report.


2D:4D Digit ratio: the numerology in your fingers!

  Palmistry’s digital analogue: the new Chiromancy?

Numerology, like Astrology, works with the date of birth in predicting a persons Life Path and Destiny. A common point of confusion in Numerology is in the use of the term’s “Life Path and “Destiny”. They are actually the same, as any path will lead to an eventual destination. The Life Path (or Destiny) number gives a general direction in life and is non-specific to any one person much as the Sun Sign is in Astrology. The most remarkable measurable predictive ability of Numerology is it Cycle’s and Pinnacle’s that also come from the date of birth.

The strongest link between Astrology and Numerology is in the timing of the major transitions in life. The Progressed Moon in the Astrological chart completes its cycle every 28 years and 4 months. This lunar cycle divides life into 3 parts, a beginning, middle and an end. These are the Numerology “Cycles”. Each of these three cycles has a numerology value, which reveals how you will approach life for the duration of each phase.

Our lives are also divided into four parts like the seasons of the year. There is the spring of childhood, the summer of youth, the autumn of middle age and the winter of our final years. Numerology’s Pinnacles mark these quadrants of our lives. Using a numerology calculator on the date of birth will reveal each pinnacle and also the exact year that a life moves from one pinnacle to the next. These transition years will see the most significant changes in life.

Numerology analysis of the date of birth defines the Life Path, and eventual destiny; it does not define the person. You are not the path you travel. Numerology of the name describes a person as they are on the inside and how they appear to the world on the outside. For the most accurate personal description the full name, as written on the birth certificate at birth, should be used. From this Numerology reveals the Inner Dreams and the Soul’s Urge. The combination of both these attributes gives the Expression, how someone’s soul and inner dreams combines to create the person on the outside that the world sees.

Numerology is not a science, it is the symbology and spiritual influence of numbers.

Understanding your own personal numerology can give great insight into the rhythms of life, which, if you tune into, makes the most of the life you are given.

Predicting the future isn’t what Numerology is for. If you really think about it, knowing the future would spoil your life. It would make it boring and predictable.

If, however, you knew which day was the best day to start something new, or travel, or dedicate to family and friends, etc then you can make the most of your life and keep it in balance.

NUMEROLOGY & NAMES:  Name numerology readings!


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